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The following policies & details specifically describe how SOCHARMONEE operates.By purchasing, all customers confirm that they've read, understood, & agreed to all policies & details within this page and/or instructed by SOCHARMONEE.

Store Hours

Monday - Friday

11:00AM - 4:30PM

*Closed Weekends & Holidays


As it is increasingly getting warmer outside, we do not control the weather. However, we can do everything in our p
ower to reduce the possibility of melting butter. With that being said, we can NOT guarantee NO MELTING BUTTERS. Please bear in mind, that is a possibility during transit.

On the occasion, your butter does melt in transit. Simply allow it t
o naturally harden up at room temperature & continue use. After Butters melt they lose their smell!  Keep away from windows and sunlight. We will not give refunds if your butter melts!

Insulted box options are available!


Goodies are made fresh and contain perishable ingredients! Although we ship goodies frozen, we can not control how fast orders arrive when dropped off to the post office!

We recommend purchasing Food Coverage at checkout  for safe and careful delivery. 
This packaging is set to last for up to 48 hours. This includes insulated bubble wrap, a insulated box, and insulated goodie packaging. 

If you do NOT pick the food coverage at checkout, we are not liable if anything happens to your goodies. This includes spills, spoiling, and/or damaged boxes.

Please note: ALL protein powder, gummies/supplements, & food orders are made fresh & and be delayed due to popular demand. 

If you choose our Food Coverage Package at checkout & your order still arrives damaged, we will honor your payment by:

A. Shipping out different items that are equal to the price of Goodies.
B. Reship your Goodies.

Unfortunately, ANY form of an invalid address (including missing apt./suite #, incorrect house/street number, incorrect zip code, etc. ) will be instantly canceled & restocked. We no longer GUARANTEE the correction of addresses, therefore, be sure to input the CORRECT ADDRESS UPON CHECKOUT. As a result of cancellation, your products will not be reserved while you repurchase.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us here.

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